About Us

Since 1998, when the organization now known as Youth First Mentoring was founded, we have helped over 200 young people form strong, supportive relationships with mentors in the Central Vermont community.

Youth First mentor pairs have hiked and cycled, built computers and made art, played music, cooked meals, and just spent time together. That’s a lot of hours, a lot of fun, and a big positive influence on the young people of Central Vermont.

Whom We Serve

We help build powerful, long-term relationships between mentors and youth that allow young people to explore their interests, learn new skills, build confidence and resilience, and prepare for their futures as caring, responsible, and productive members of our community.

Youth First mentors build rewarding relationships, gain new perspectives on life, and give back to our Central Vermont community as they make young peoples’ lives richer and more fun.

Youth First Mentoring Advisory Board

Diane Derby
Senior Editor, VTDigger (Montpelier)

Steve Klein
Retired Chief Legislative Fiscal Officer for Vermont (Montpelier)

Joyce Manchester
Senior Economist, Vermont Legislative) Joint Fiscal Office (Waterbury)

Garet Allen-Malley
Retired University of Vermont Faculty

Fred Skeels
Retired (Montpelier)

Deborah Wolf
Washington Central Friends of Education Treasurer & Former Executive Director (Middlesex)

Sally Russell, non-voting
Program Director (Montpelier)

“My child’s mentor has been a strong role model, friend and support person for 8 years. She has been a shoulder for my child to lean on through the hard times and shared many wonderful experiences together. Our mentor has been a true blessing to our family.”