Empowering youth,
building community.

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Youth First Mentoring connects young people from across Central Vermont with engaging, supportive, and compassionate adults.

If you’re interested in becoming or finding a mentor, why not take the next step? Contact us today, and we’ll talk with you about how mentoring can make life better for young people, mentors, and the Central Vermont community.

What We Do

We help build powerful, long-term relationships between mentors and youth that allow young people to explore their interests, learn new skills, build confidence and resilience, and prepare for their futures as caring, responsible, and productive members of our community.

Youth First mentors build rewarding relationships, gain new perspectives on life, and give back to our Central Vermont community as they make young peoples’ lives richer and more fun.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

And to our many community partners including the S&C Harvest Foundation, the Washington Central Unified School District, the towns of East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier, and Worcester, and over 200 of our neighbors who generously give each year to our annual appeal.

Together, we’re building community and making Central Vermont a better place to live, work and grow.

“It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a young person’s life—over time – and see all the growth. It’s also a special relationship to be like family, but not with the same complications of family.”